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About Us
About Gujarat Handicrafts Hard work, commitment, dedication and outstanding skills are the main reason for the success of our organization. With an history of more then 40 years and dedication of over more than 200 committed craftsman, Gujarat handicrafts is today one or the biggest handicraft manufacturer in Gujarat and enjoys the reputaion of being the one of India's leading Export Houses in high quality handicrafts with satisfied clients every part of the world.
Gujarat Handicrafts has been on the leading edge of industry for over three generations now, as an well experienced and successful organization, we have earned valuable clients in various domains of architecture, Interior designers, big chain stores, wholesalers, retailers, and even end-users from different parts of the world.
Our Services
We rendcr all MX's of services related Wow domain I. from manufacturing .stomized crafts to designing crafts specially for your interior, our team is aiways there for you. At Gujarat Handicraft's we have some of the best craft designers available in entire east.
Custom made Furniture
Our years of experience, best craftsmen and designers makes us one of the only establishments of our size, we work closely with all our clients, for us all our clients are equal, our team works their best to give finest possible shape to your ideas, with the help of all our resources we can convert your dreams into reality.
About Gujarat
Gujarat is one of the most appreciated states for tourists. A 1666 km long coastline had endowed the state with beaches, shore temples and coastal forts and palaces. 4500 years of history had made Gujarat state as the site for ancient citadels, forts, mosques, temples and princely cities. Colourful tribal hamlets, holy places of various religious communities, picturesque cities, exquisite handicrafts, fine museums and plenty of architectural show pieces, combine to make Gujarat a paradise for visitors.